“I am very thankful to the nurses and aides on the second floor! They are so caring, especially Thalia and Holly. They took time to talk to me and make my rehab stay a pleasant experience. Their efficiency and kindness were wonderful. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the care and attention that I received during my stay at Mont Marie. Your facility and staff made this whole process much easier for me.”

– Patrick M. McKeaney

“During my stay at Mont Marie I found the staff very helpful. My stay has been extraordinary, the staff is more than adequate and diligent. I enjoy conversing with the other residents and am happy to have met so many new friends at Mont Marie. Activities make sure we have different things going on, it’s always exciting to see what we will be doing next. The aides and other staff are wonderful. I would like to shout out to the second-floor staff for everything they do for all the staff.”

– Alice Phillips

“I love the facility. They are all wonderful. Everyone is so helpful and attentive to me. I have been at Mont Marie since September of 2021. Mont Marie is very comfortable; it is just like one big happy family. Therapy has had a huge impact with my strengthening and ambulation. The staff is very informative, we can ask questions and get the answers we are looking for. I look forward to all the events they have for residents and staff. You will always have a smile on your face with the crazy silly outfits they put on. The entertainment is wonderful. I am so thankful to have this family at Mont Marie.”

– Mary Lemieux

“The nursing staff go out of their way to assist you in every way. When I am feeling blue, they know exactly what to say and do to lift my spirits. I feel like it is one big happy family.  I cannot begin to praise the rehabilitation department. I never thought I would stand again, but here I am able to walk! I have been at Mont Marie in the past and would definitely come back again, hopefully just to visit. I thank everyone for everything they have done for me during my stay.”

– Joan Pronovost

“Being a nurse at a local hospital and being very familiar with the skilled rehab facilities in the area, when I became ill and needed to find a place to go, I was very happy to hear that Mont Marie had a bed for me. My first choice would have been a private room, but I understand that we cannot all get what we want. Being in a semiprivate room was no problem, my roommate and I soon became friends and I hope to continue that friendship once discharged. I cannot say enough about the staff at Mont Marie, everyone has been so kind to me. The therapy department was top notch, they truly know what is needed to get you back on your feet and out back to your home in a safe manner. I am so grateful for everyone at Mont Marie during my stay there.”

– Anonymous

“I have been a resident at Mont Marie for almost a year now. During this time, I have made many friends in the facility and roommates. The nurses, aides and PT/OT are very professional. They really care about their patients and other team members. It is nice that I can bring in personal items to hang on my wall or put on the nightstand. I’m able to go out to lunch with my sons, get my hair done. I really enjoy when the staff dresses up for different events this brings a smile to my face.”

– Kathleen Kelly-Kwiatkowski

“Without a doubt I received exceptional care from those that interacted with me on a daily basis.  Going to PT & OT, the team was wonderfully positive, professional, supportive and highly effective and compassionate. Their little doggies helped a lot as well.  During my time at Mont Marie they had a farewell to summer picnic for residents and families. It was so nice to see so many families attend the picnic along with my husband, sisters, and brother-in-law.  I would definitely recommend Mont Marie. Every aspect of my recovery was addressed, treated and resolved to my great satisfaction.”

– Ann Donaldson

I would like to convey my appreciation to the entire staff at Mont Marie. Everybody here is so special. Therapy really inspired me to do the best I could. I am going to miss everyone.”

– William Stapleton

Everyone here was very accommodating and pleasant throughout my stay. Anything I asked for they would get for me. I would absolutely recommend Mont Marie to any of my friends and family. I give them a 5-star rating.”

– Pauline Laverdiere

“Thank you Mont Marie for getting me back on my feet!
I would recommend Mont Marie Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to anyone. I was amazed at how much the team helped me to accomplish in my brief two-week rehabilitation stay following my orthopedic procedure. While it was not easy, the well-trained professionals got me moving. Their great senses of humor made the work easier too! The spirit here at Mont Marie makes the atmosphere warm and inviting. Everyone can sense the attentiveness of the team and competency of the nursing staff.”

– Sister Kathleen Keating

“I will always remember the special care I received at Mont Marie!
I recommend Mont Marie Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center without hesitancy to anyone who may require a short rehabilitation stay. I have had rehabilitation stays at other local rehabilitation centers in the past and found Mont Marie’s staff to be truly some of the best I’ve encountered! From the nursing staff, therapists to other caregivers, they were always there to help me reach my goals with smiles on their faces and pleasant attitudes. My private room was clean and neat and served as my home away from home. The great food, Wi-Fi, and cable helped make my stay more pleasant.”

– Cheryl Lapan

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